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“Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction”

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 | Guest speaker: Eddie Capparucci, LPC

A conversation with Eddie Capparucci, Licensed Professional Counselor and author of two books, including “Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction.”

The road to recovery goes through your childhood, Eddie Capparucci teaches. In other words, if we understand why we do what we do, our ability to shift away from undesirable behaviors dramatically increases. Sexual addiction is not sex, he says. It is the result of a man’s inability to identify and process emotional pain.

(It’s worth noting that Eddie’s philosophy is very much in line with the Brothers Road “HeartPower” principles, in which “discovering the why” and then healing the underlying wounds and meeting the real needs are key to breaking unwanted sexual habits.)

Eddie describes the most common types of the inner child that can drive adult men to unwanted sexual behaviors (the bored child, the unnoticed child, etc.). He then breaks down critical steps to healing: Identifying core emotional triggers, processing the inner child’s emotional pain, and more.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy: Getting What You Really Want in Life”

Saturday, September 26, 2020 | Guest speaker: Mark Edward Davis

A conversation with Mark Edward Davis, Certified “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Coach and author of three books, including “Confidence of the Authentic Man.” Mark’s mentor, Dr. Robert Glover, popularized the idea of the “Nice Guy Syndrome” in his 2003 book, “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” 

“Nice Guys” are obsessed with seeking others’ approval and with avoiding conflict at all costs. They have few boundaries because they don’t know they are even worthy of having boundaries. They are so busy making sure everyone else is okay that they don’t even recognize they have needs of their own

The opposite of a nice guy is not a bad guy or a mean guy. The opposite is an integrated man: A man who has a strong sense of self and likes himself just as he is. He takes responsibility for getting his authentic needs met. He’s not afraid to experience and express his feelings.

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“My Husband Is Attracted to Men — Now What?”

Sunday, August 30, 2020 | Guest speakers: Terry & Darryl and Tera & Curtis

A conversation with two couples whose marriages were severely tested when the husband revealed that he was attracted to men. In this unique webinar, they will share their struggles and successes and how they came to rebuild their marriages on a foundation of rigorous authenticity, forgiveness, rebuilt trust and renewed love.

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Out of Sex Addiction: Meeting God in Authentic Brotherhood

June 27, 2020 | Guest speaker: Nate Larkin

Nate Larkin, founder of the Samson Society and author of Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood, a preacher’s kid, planned his whole life for ministry. His plans didn’t work out so well. After more than two decades of secret and steadily intensifying compulsive sexual behavior, Nate’s nightmare finally ended in a painful collision with reality.

In this vulnerable webinar, Nate shares his story and how his eventual rescue from sex addiction came not from praying for God to intervene in isolation but by encountering God through authentic and trusting relationships with accountability partners, friends and brothers.

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Faith, Brotherhood, & Same-Sex Needs

May 16, 2020 | Guest speaker: Tim Timmerman

Tim is the author of a daring and heartfelt book about his and other men’s struggles that come from sexualizing their own gender — and about the healing balm of radically vulnerable friendships and unconditional love.

Tim describes his book as being about “an ache and a longing in our culture for friendship and brotherhood. It is a book about hungers of the heart. It’s about boys who needed connections to loving men and friends growing up, but instead received abuse and absence. This book is one man’s spiritual odyssey.”

When Friendships Become Toxic: Understanding Emotional Dependency

April 22, 2020 | Guest speaker: Jerry Armelli

Maybe he started out as your new best friend — a man who really “got” you, and the two of you just “clicked.” Maybe this seemed like the friendship of a lifetime. But soon, maybe you realized you thought about him almost every minute of the day. You craved constant connection and attention from him. Your relationship with him overshadowed all your other relationships — maybe even with your wife.

Is it emotional dependency? Co-dependency? Enmeshment? Obsession? What do you do when your “ideal” friendship becomes unhealthy? How do you break out of unhealthy cycles? Can the friendship be saved? Should it be?

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