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 What if you could throw a man a lifeline?

What if you could throw a man a lifeline and help rescue him from a lifetime of internal conflict, self-destructive patterns, and self-hating thoughts? What if, instead, you could welcome him into a community of loving, like-minded brothers who support each other to live their best lives?

Would you do it? Of course!

What if you could save a woman from drowning?

    What if you could help save a woman from drowning in hopelessness, loneliness, hurt, and despair? What if, instead, you could welcome her into a community of sisters who “get it,” who are or have been where you are now, and who can be there with her to help navigate the rough waters of betrayal, hurt, and confusion.

    Would you do it? Of course!

    Yes, you can be a lifesaver! 

      Your donations, big or small, help change lives, save marriages, restore hope, and ease pain.

      Your donations help sponsor individuals to participate in Journey Into Manhood, A Woman Who Loves, or other programs that can be so restorative and even life-changing.

      Your donations, whether one-time or monthly, help keep the Brothers Road mission and organization alive and our community thriving in the face of so much opposition.

        Visit our FAQ to learn how:

        • Your gifts make a big difference
        • You can make recurring monthly donations or make a one-time gift
        • Brothers Road manages its finances and keep its costs so low

        Mary Jane Morgan Memorial Fund

        The Mary Jane Morgan Memorial Fund 

          In 2009, Mary Jane Morgan, wife of a man who had benefited greatly from his Journey Into Manhood experience, contacted the Brothers Road founder and said, “What about the wives?” Their needs, their confusion, hurt, and loneliness were so often forgotten while the men received such support in the healing journeys, she said.

          And with that, a new community was conceived — a healing, supportive community for wives and women hurt by a loved one’s betrayal. Mary Jane co-created the first experiential-healing weekend for wives (now called “A Woman Who Loves”), presented for the first time in 2009 in her home state of Texas, USA.


          What people say who’ve benefited from your donations to Brothers Road

          “In fall of 2011, I was so depressed, I could barely talk. A friend strongly encouraged me to attend Journey Into Manhood, but I had no way to pay for it. He made a call to Brothers Road, and the sponsorship was set up with no problems.

          “Journey Into Manhood in Florida, December 2011, was where I met many awesome guys who had similar issues and goals. I was no longer alone! I was shown manly concern and powerful respect. I received kind wisdom. The depression dissolved, replaced with great new insights into my emotions, my thoughts, and my past. Wonderful experience, great authentic men, full of brotherhood and fatherly strength. None of this would have been possible without the kindness and generosity of Brothers Road’s amazing donors.

          “I have continued to be uplifted by this wonderful community ever since.”

          Steve, Florida

          “I traveled 11,000 miles to the USA to experience a life-changing Journey Into Manhood weekend, made possible solely because a man who believed in me raised the funds for me to attend.

          “Once there, I discovered value in myself I had never felt before. I felt connected to other men instead of being afraid of them. There was a light in a dark tunnel, and I started moving forward. Being a part of this community has helped me to connect with my emotions and my own masculinity.

          “Fast forward 10 years, and I was able to return to the United States to participate in Journey Beyond because donors paid my fee. The Journey Beyond experience took my growth to a new level.

          “Looking at how my life has changed, I am so very grateful to all the donors who supported me, even though we have never met.”

          W.R., Poland, attended Journey Into Manhood in 2005, later helped bring JiM to Poland

          “Brothers Road has been such a huge part of my authentic journey into self, and I am so grateful to the sponsors who have made that possible. I have ‘paid it forward’ by volunteering on staff and supporting others in their journeys.

          “I have peace and feel whole as a man. What better gift than helping others to find these things?”

          Alan, Ukraine

          “Sponsorships from Brothers Road donors made it possible for me to participate in their programs that have changed my life. They put me on a new path to healing after years of trying to finding way forward but coming up empty-handed.”

          S.R., Israel, later became a Brothers Road community leader in Israel

          Why people like you give to Brothers Road

          “I give monthly to Brothers Road because they make a huge difference to a neglected group of men and the women who care deeply about them. I know, because they changed my life for the better. I will always be grateful to Brothers Road.”

          Richard, Iowa, USA

          “I give monthly to Brothers Road because I am so thankful for the hope that their Journey Into Manhood weekend ignited in me back in February 2010. I deeply, deeply realized at that weekend that I did not have to stay bound by my feelings of SSA. Brothers Road is out to give hope, and that’s something I can believe in and financially support!”

          Ryan, Arizona, USA

          “I give to Brothers Road because my experience on the Journey into Manhood weekend was so transformative. It helped me to begin the healing process for some deep wounds and to continue the healing process for others that I was already working on.

          “I found brothers who would accept me as I am and walk with me on the journey to where I want to go. I’m immensely grateful for that.”

          Chris, Connecticut, USA

          “We give to the Brothers Road organization because we believe they demonstrate God’s grace to a world desperately in need of his love and guidance. This may sound like a slogan but it’s a heartfelt representation of our sentiment.”
          C&K, Oklahoma