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A Peer-Led Weekend of Self-Discovery

Events in US, Israel, Mexico

Journey Into Manhood

Our peer-led, experiential weekend of self-discovery, brotherhood, personal-growth and inner-healing work.

Journey Into Manhood is designed especially for men to address internal conflicts over their sexual thoughts, feelings, identity, values, and behaviors — in a compassionate yet challenging environment of self-discovery, inner healing, radical acceptance, and brotherly support.

Journey Into Manhood helps men explore and fulfill their needs for same-sex affection, community, and brotherhood in platonic and affirming ways that align with their faith and values.

But it is also appropriate for any man, regardless of his sexuality, who wants to address unhealed pain or unresolved issues around men and masculinity.

Journey Into Manhood is not a “gay-to-straight” intervention. It is not about anyone “converting” to heterosexuality.

Rather, it is about finding peace and self-acceptance, just as we are.  It is about embracing our masculinity, living authentically and in integrity, and surrendering shame. It’s about exploring and healing underlying pain from the past that may be contributing to troublesome thoughts, feelings, and behaviors today.

It’s about becoming a better, happier, more authentic, more powerful man — a man of integrity,  values, and purpose.

Registration Information

United States

Regular Registration Fee: $690

Full payment is due 10 days before the event.

Deposit: $250 holds your space

Early Registration Fee: $525

$165 discount when you pay the full $525 (not just a deposit) at least 6 weeks early.

Brothers & Friends Discounted Fee: $850 for 2 Men

When an SSA man and a non-SSA supporter (mentor, friend or family member) register together, pay just $850 for both men (equal to $425 each). Deposit for 2 is $400.


Regular Registration Fee: ILS 2100

Full payment is due 10 days before the event.

Deposit: ILS 800 holds your space

    Early Registration Fee: ILS 1600

    ILS 350 discount when you pay the full ILS 1600 (not just a deposit) at least 6 weeks early. 

    What the Fee Covers

    • The full program (total of about 20 to 25 hours of facilitated “work” — deep personal processing — over parts of 3 days)
    • Use of the rented camp or retreat center for all our activities
    • Two nights stay at the camp, retreat center or lodge. Some locations include bedding and towels.
    • Six meals (dinner on the first day through lunch on the third day)
    • Journal and take-home booklet containing key teachings and resources.
    • Three follow-up group sessions (online or by phone) to process, reconnect with new “brothers,” and help integrate what you’ve experienced into your daily life.
    • For married men, it also includes an opportunity for your wife to participate in a one-time online group session while you are at Journey Into Manhood to help her know what to expect and how your participation might affect her.

    The fee does not include transportation to or from the camp or retreat center.

    (Fees are different in different countries to reflect differences in regional markets and economies.)

    Locations, Dates, Registration and Payment Links

    Before you register, please read our FAQs about registering, location, travel, etc.

    (Regrettably, because of an extreme new Canadian law, along with hostile Canadian media and activists, we are unable to accept Canadian residents as participants in Journey Into Manhood.)

    Eastern Pennsylvania

    March 24 to 26, 2023

    Mexico City

    July 21 to 23, 2023

    Southern Indiana

    September 1 to 3, 2023

    East-Central Texas

    October 20 to 22, 2023

    Also Coming in February 2023:

    A New Man

    Southern Arizona

    February 24 to 26, 2023

    NOTE: If you have trouble registering, please email Tim at

    STILL TO BE SCHEDULED FOR 2023: Israel and Turkey.

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