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Our Stories

Learn from other men who have journeyed this road less traveled.

Our Journeys

with Brothers Road

In this video series, several men share how their lives have changed in the years since their respective Journey Into Manhood experiences.

Brothers on a Road Less Traveled

In October 2016, seven Journey Into Manhood brothers reunited for a weekend of adventure and connection and share how Journey Into Manhood has impacted their lives.

Blake’s Journey

Best Decision of My Life

Before beginning his journey with Journey Into Manhood, Blake says “every inch of my body craved male sexual contact.” But now: “I love men, but I don’t want to have sex with them.”

Julio’s Journey

Best of Both Worlds

Earlier in life, Julio dated men. In this journey, he discovered a broader, more authentic world of love. “I love my wife. I can have a wife and family, which was my dream, while being able to hang out with guys as brothers. …I can have the best of both worlds.”

El Camino de Julio

Lo Mejor de Ambos Mundos

Mientras que todavía siente atracciones hacia los hombres, Julio los ama de manera diferente hoy en dia: como hermanos e iguales. Y eso trae paz en vez de sufrimiento. Por otra parte, él ve a su esposa como su complemento y ella le ayuda a sacar lo mejor de él como hombre. Para Julio, eso es lo mejor de ambos mundos.

Kevin’s Journey

Who I Really Am

Kevin’s SSA felt “almost overwhelming all the time.” After Journey Into Manhood, it became instead “incredibly manageable.” Even more important: “I was able to touch grace for the first time. I felt loved by God for the first time.”

Philip’s Journey

Empowered to Direct My Own Life

What most changed for Philip after joining the Brothers Road community was “being able to take a lot more control of who I wanted to be and where I wanted to direct my life.”

Stephen’s Journey

Living Authentically

For 20 years, Stephen mostly repressed his feelings and languished in shame. Until “I realized it was not about shame but about breaking free of it. It was not about changing my desires as much as living authentically as a man.”

Stephen’s Journey

Power in Connection

“I’m now able to connect with God in a different way. Grace is now in my life instead of faith-based performance. My attractions to men have not gone away but they have diminished.” Stephen says “it’s exciting to be in Brothers Road because of the connections I have all over the globe. If I’m in a crisis or need help, I can call for support. There’s power in connection.”

About Journey Into Manhood

Learn more about the Journey Into Manhood experiential weekend from those that have attended. Or, experience it for yourself! 

The Journey Into Manhood Experiential Weekend

Journey Into Manhood is our peer-led, experiential weekend of self-discovery, brotherhood, personal-growth and inner-healing work.

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This video slideshow answers your questions about who we are, who attends Journey Into Manhood, what our core teachings are, what really happens there, and more.

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