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About SSA

SSA suggests an experience, not a permanent identity. It implies a set of feelings, not a way of life.

We Respect Our Gay Brothers & Equal Rights

We hold no animosity whatsoever toward LGBT individuals or communities. They are our brothers and sisters too. Their experiences and issues are often the same as — or very similar to — our own.

We simply choose to walk a different path, and to respond to our same-sex attractions in ways that are consistent with our core values, beliefs, faith, and personal life goals.

We, too, are a diverse community of men and women who know too well the sting of public and private rejection and intolerance. And we certainly don’t wish that on anyone else.

We pray for a more compassionate world where all of us — whether we identify as gay, straight, bisexual, same-sex attracted, ex-gay, or anything else — can live full lives in peace and without fear.

We don’t oppose anyone’s equal right of free choice in how to live their own lives.

We do support “equal protection of the laws” for all of us, regardless of personal ideology.

We do believe in civil discourse and in mutual respect, even — and especially — when we disagree.

In fact, we take no political positions on anything except our equal rights as individuals and communities to free speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, freedom of belief — and unobstructed access to programs and services that we find helpful in our own unique pursuit of happiness.