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Who We Are

Men supporting each other in aligning our sexual choices with our values, faith, and life goals.



September 27 to 29, 2024, Indiana, USA

October 18 to 20, 2024, Texas, USA

Nashville, Tennessee | October 11-13, 2024

Change What? Husband Material founder interviews Brothers Road founder   

Statement on So-Called “Conversion Therapy”   

Our Road Less Traveled

Many people painfully deny, suppress, and hide their same-sex attractions for years. Others adopt a gay identity and pursue same-sex partnerships or hook-ups. Some find satisfaction in that, others only more turmoil.

Brothers Road offers a third path: neither suppressing and shaming nor indulging and celebrating same-sex attractions —  but instead, exploring and fulfilling our needs for same-sex affection, community and brotherhood in platonic and affirming ways that align with our faith and values.

Good & Valuable, Just as You Are

We teach at Journey Into Manhood, “If you gain nothing else here, we want you to know: You are good and valuable just as you are.” Ironically, self-acceptance is the true foundation of personal growth … 

Our Life, Our Choice

We get to decide for ourselves how to live our lives. We get to choose which life paths best reflect who we really are and who we want to be. We refuse to define ourselves primarily by our sex drives and personal struggles …

It's Not About Turning Straight

This work is not about becoming heterosexual. It’s about finding peace. Healing from past hurts. Growing in self-esteem. Building brotherhood. And putting faith and values first, firmly above our sexuality or any particular temptations …

Can Sexual Attractions Ever Shift?

Many in our community tell us the nature of their sexual attractions has shifted over time. Many report a shift toward more platonic feelings of brotherly love, and meaningful healing in their feelings toward women …

We Respect Equal Rights

We hold no animosity whatsoever toward LGBT individuals or communities. They are our brothers and sisters too. Their experiences and issues are often very similar to our own! We simply choose to walk a different path …

A Wife's Journey, Too

Maybe you’ve known about his SSA for years. Maybe you just found out. Either way, this is your journey, too. But you don’t have to do it alone. A community of wives is here to support, encourage, listen, and walk alongside you …

Journey Into Manhood Could Change Your Life

Journey Into Manhood is designed especially for men who want to address incongruous same-sex attractions or distress over SSA. But our program is also appropriate for any man, regardless of his sexuality, who wants to address unresolved issues around men and masculinity in a safe, supportive yet challenging group environment.

Seven Men Share Their Experience

In October 2016, seven Journey Into Manhood brothers reunited for a weekend of adventure and connection. In this video series, they share how their lives have changed in the years since their respective Journey Into Manhood experiences.

Getting Started

If you've decided for yourself to explore whether your same-sex attractions can become less eroticized — or at least more manageable or less distressing or intense — where do you start?

The core of this work we call "M.A.N.S. Work," for Masculinity, Authenticity, Needs Fulfillment, and Surrender. But it starts by loving and accepting yourself, getting support, learning from others on the road ahead of you, and then "doing your work."

Our Stories

Every man's story is unique. Not all of us have experienced a reduction in the intensity of our same-sex attractions over time, although many have. More importantly, we are more at peace with who we are. We now belong to a community of brothers walking a similar path. And our sexual ethics and values are now more aligned with our spiritual and personal values and life goals. 

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