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Online Experiences

15 hours (online) of intensive inner-healing and personal-growth work in one weekend — in collaboration with a supportive community of “brothers.”

Register for our upcoming webinar or listen to past webinars. You’ll find a variety of topics from well-known speakers.

You don’t have to go through this alone anymore. We strive to create safe, supportive, non-judgmental online communities where you can give and receive support and process some of the often messy emotions and experiences of life. Join one of our seven groups today.

Online Coaching Groups

Journey Together is our weekly online coaching group for men who are on a journey to diminish or come to peace with their unwanted or incongruous same-sex attractions and to bring them more in line with their core values, beliefs and life goals (to the extent possible).

HeartPower is our weekly online coaching group of men supporting each other in living lust-free lives, especially by applying the Brothers Road< strong>“HeartPower” principles.
A Woman’s Heart is our ongoing, weekly coaching and support group for women who are affected by a loved one’s same-sex attractions, sex addictions, betrayal or other loss.

Experiential Weekend Retreats

Journey Into Manhood is for any man who wants to address unresolved issues around men and masculinity in a safe, supportive yet challenging group environment.

Journey Continues is a follow-up weekend which creates opportunities for participants to continue to do challenging personal-growth work in a safe, supportive community.

A Woman Who Loves is a healing and personal-growth retreat primarily for women who are working through hurt, betrayal, fear, anger, and grief related to issues with the men in their lives.