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An Advanced-Level 4-Day Program

August 7 to 11, 2024

Journey Beyond

August 7 to 11, 2024

Indiana, USA

Journey Beyond is an advanced-level, 4-day, 4-night program for men who have completed Journey Into Manhood (or similarly intensive work) and also done other significant personal-growth work (such as Journey Continues, individual therapy or life coaching, other personal-growth experiential weekends, etc.).

Unlike Journey Into Manhood or Journey Continues, Journey Beyond is NOT filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, Journey Into Manhood “grads” need to apply and be approved by Brothers on a Road Less Traveled. This is to ensure that Journey Beyond participants are well prepared for such an intense self-discovery experience and that they have significant follow-up support resources in place to help them continue their work after their JB experience.

Click here to apply (past Journey Into Manhood and A New Man participants ONLY)



Participant Fee: US$1,100

The fee includes an intensive 4-day program, 4 nights’ stay at the camp, and 11 meals.

Sorry, no sponsorships or grants are available. Payment plans may be available, on request.

Staff (Volunteer) Fee: US$175

The volunteer staff fee covers 5-6 nights’ stay at the camp, and 13 meals. This fee may be waived on request for those who make significant or recurring monthly donations to Brothers Road.


Journeyer (Participant) Schedule

(subject to change)

January 31, 2024 Deadline to submit JOURNEYER (participant) applications.
February 28, 2024 Target date for JB leadership to begin inviting selected Journeyers (participants).
March 31, 2024 Target date for JB leadership to complete all invitations and notifications (invitees, wait list, not this year).
April 30, 2024 Deadline for invited Journeyers to pay at least US$400 minimum deposit (confirms your participation and reserves your space).
June 15, 2024 Deadline for Journeyers to pay remainder of full fee.
August 7, 2024 Journeyers arrive. Event begins.

Staff (Volunteer) Schedule

(subject to change)

January 14, 2024 Deadline to submit STAFF (volunteer) applications.
February 2024 Target date for Brothers Road to invite selected STAFF volunteers.
March 31, 2024 Deadline for STAFF (volunteers) to submit $175 staff fee to confirm their participation (may be waived for men who make recurring or significant donations)
August 5 or 6, 2024 Staff men (volunteers) arrive.

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