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Then & Now

Many brothers have walked this road less traveled. Here are some of their stories.

I realized that my homosexual desires were pointing to what I really wanted and needed — authentic connection with other men. I began to nourish authentic male friendships in my everyday life… READ MORE


I never really felt happy with the way my life was going. I didn’t feel that that life was compatible with my faith, and over time I realized I couldn’t ignore my conscience any longer… READ MORE


My initial goal was to “overcome” my SSA, but the work led me to discover that my goal was actually to find myself. And when I found myself, I found a truer relationship with God… READ MORE


I believe I am in a situation equal to any individual who is in a committed relationship with one individual and yet still experiences attractions to other individuals… READ MORE


In 1997, I found reparative therapy and the life-saving help I had been looking for… READ MORE

Rich Wyler

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