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A Peer-led Weekend of Self-Discovery

Events in Israel, Mexico, Poland, USA

After JiM: What’s Next?

After the Journey Into Manhood weekend — what’s next?

Life doesn’t change forever in a single weekend. But a dramatic weekend breakthrough can be a turning point. In fact, many men consider their Journey Into Manhood experience to be the cusp between the “before” and “after” of their lives.

But the Journey Into Manhood experience will only have a lasting, long-term benefit to the extent that you apply the principles learned there to your daily life.

You must live your life differently to get different results!

After your Journey Into Manhood experience, we recommend that you take advantage of some or all of these opportunities:

  1. Closed, Private Facebook Group. We offer two secret Facebook groups so you can stay connected with your new brothers from Journey Into Manhood and also meet others from previous weekends who may be further along on the journey. There’s no need to ever be alone in this journey again!
  2. Group Coaching (Post-JiM). Participate in three free follow-up group coaching sessions by phone or online with your brothers from your Journey Into Manhood weekend. Learn to integrate the principles you learned into your daily life. These sessions are usually facilitated by Rich Wyler, founder of Brothers on a Road Less Traveled and a certified life coach.
  3. Journey Together Group Coaching (Ongoing). Join a weekly, online coaching group by phone or online called Journey Together. Facilitated by Rich Wyler. You don’t have to walk this path alone!
  4. Individual Counseling or Life Coaching. If you’re not already working individually with a counselor or life coach, consider doing so now.
  5. In-Person M.A.N.S. Group. Depending on where you live, there may be an in-person, independently run follow-up group (typically called a “M.A.N.S. group”) in your area. Information on where in-person groups are currently meeting will be in the take-home material given to you at Journey Into Manhood.
  6. Other Local Groups. Many men benefit from finding other men’s groups in their local community — perhaps Twelve Step groups like Sexaholics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery, or a men’s ministry through their church or synagogue. Any group where men are working on personal growth — from anger management to improving themselves as husbands and fathers, or as men of faith — has the potential to be very beneficial.
  7. JiM Reunions. Periodic reunions for JiM alumni are run by local communities of men throughout the Brothers Road community, and sometimes directly by Brothers on a Road Less Traveled itself. These are great opportunities to reconnect and recharge with like-minded brothers on a similar journey. Reunions are held periodically in the U.S. in Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and sometimes in Poland.
  8. JiM Again. Some men have benefited greatly by attending Journey Into Manhood a second time. This can be especially beneficial to those who may have been a bit closed-off the first time they went through, and they want to re-experience it from a much more open, trusting place.
  9. Staffing JiM. All JiM “alumni” are welcome to apply to staff a Journey Into Manhood weekend as a volunteer. Most start out as a “Man of Service,” supporting the senior staff and the logistics of the weekend. Staff applications are posted on the closed, private JiM Alumni Facebook page and sent by blast email to JiM “alumni” who choose to be on the distribution list.
  10. The Journey Continues. is a two-and-a-half-day follow-up to Journey Into Manhood that Brothers Road typically offers every year or two in the U.S. or Europe. It’s a safe place to continue doing deep inner healing and personal-growth work with JiM brothers.
  11. Journey Beyond. Every other year, Brothers Road organizes a much more advanced, intensive, four-day program for men who have completed Journey Into Manhood and additional, deep work, such as individual counseling or other experiential-healing weekends. JiM “grads” have to apply and be accepted to the program to do the deeper level of work offered at Journey Beyond.
  12. Other Experiential Healing Weekends. Other powerful programs for men that are not SSA-specific include Noble Man, (California) Adventure in Manhood (Arizona), Inner-Child Healing for Men (Virginia), and Christian men’s-healing programs like EdgeVenture (Michigan) and New Adam (Tennessee).
  13. Your Own Local Circle of Men. All of us can also benefit greatly from finding or creating our own, local, personal circles of male friendships, mentors and support. It can’t all be about same-sex attraction, after all. It’s about being the men we feel called to be, and that means associating with men who lift us up and who are our true friends and equals in all aspects of life.