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Those of us who are meeting our goals for personal growth, inner healing, self-acceptance, brotherhood, sexual sobriety and more have never relied solely on Brothers on a Road Less Traveled, Journey Into Manhood or the Brothers Road community. We’ve never depended solely on someone else to walk us through our work, step-by-step.

We’ve had to take responsibility for our own paths. We’ve turned to various counselors, life coaches, books, support groups, experiential-healing retreats and ministries that fit best for our individual circumstances and goals. We’ve developed our own support networks, friendships, mentors and accountability partners.

In our experience, you can’t travel this road successfully entirely on your own. But remember, this is your journey. You are responsible for the roads you decide to take and the support you choose to enlist along the way.

On the following pages you’ll find references to resources that many of us have found helpful. We hope you will, too.

If you want to suggest a resource that you think should be added or updated, please send an email to [email protected].

Disclaimer & Caution

We provide these resources for informational purposes, to assist sincere adults in furthering their personal work. The fact that we’ve listed an organization, book, website, ministry, individual or resource does not imply an endorsement or guarantee from Brothers on a Road Less Traveled. Conversely, the fact that we’ve listed a resource, group or individual does not indicate their direct or implied endorsement or guarantee of Brothers on a Road Less Traveled, its mission, programs or expected outcomes.