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Same-Sex Attraction and

A Road Less Traveled


A 6-week Webinar series helping you love, understand and support men who are conflicted over same-sex attractions

      A 6-Week Webinar Series

        Helping you better understand, love, and support men who are conflicted over their same-sex attractions.

        (And if that’s you, to love yourself and better understand yourself and this less-traveled journey.)

            Sunday Evenings Starting March 27, 2022


            Our “Road Less Traveled” webinar series is designed for anyone who sincerely wants to better understand the experience and needs of same-sex attracted men who (for deeply personal reasons) don’t want to engage in sexual or romantic relationships with other men and often don’t even identify as gay.

            SSA men are welcome and encouraged to participate, but so are their parents and other family members; pastors, priests, bishops, imams, or rabbis; wives, friends, and supporters. In fact, we are thrilled that our family, friends, and supporters want to learn about us and our “road less traveled” — and how you might be able to support us.

            Each session will start at 8:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time on Sundays
            7:00 pm U.S. Central / 6:00 pm U.S. Mountain / 5:00 pm U.S. Pacific Time

            Each session will last 60 to 75 minutes.

            Cost is US$20 for each individual session or US$90 when you pay upfront for all six.

            March 27 — Explore Another Path to Peace. Maybe it’s not an either-or choice: either painfully hide and suppress your same-sex attractions or else fully immerse yourself in a gay identity and gay relationships — no matter the costs.

            There may be a third path for you: exploring and fulfilling your needs for same-sex affection, community, and brotherhood in platonic and affirming ways that meet your core needs and align with your faith, goals, and values.

                April 3 — Love and Accept Yourself, Just As You Are. How would your life change if you truly believed that you are good and valuable just as you are right now? What if same-sex attraction is not your enemy, but your teacher?

                April 10 — Find Support, Community, and Friendship. At its root, SSA is a relational, not sexual, issue. It can only be truly addressed in safe, platonic, supportive friendships and communities.

                April 17 — No session, Easter

                April 24 — Get Sexually Sober. Same-sex attraction is not an addiction. But many SSA men struggle (or have struggled) with out-of-control sexual behaviors. And no matter how much progress we may make in other areas, it is almost impossible for us to find the peace we seek if we continue to “act out” sexually.

                May 1 — Live the M.A.N.S. Principles: Masculinity and Authenticity. We call the core of our work M.A.N.S. work. It is essential that we connect to our own internal sense of masculinity, bond as brothers with other men, and develop healthier relationships with women as the opposite sex. This work requires us to be authentic and vulnerable, feel our feelings, and do the hard work of healing old wounds.

                May 8 — Live the M.A.N.S. Principles: Needs Fulfillment and Surrender. Healing and growth never come through suppressing true needs but by discovering our authentic underlying needs and taking the risks to meet them in healthier ways (“needs fulfillment”). Then we surrender everything else: We turn our lives over to God. We release internal resistance to change. And we release our attachments to harmful thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships.



                 This webinar series will be led primarily by Rich Wyler, founder and director of Brothers Road and creator of the Journey Into Manhood experiential-healing weekend.  He will be joined each week by one or two men in our community who have first-hand experience walking this “road less traveled.”